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Unarmed Self Defense with Sensei HartleyUnarmed Self Defense – PTA is pleased to announce a partnership with Sensei Bob Hartley that offers classes in unarmed self defense. Bob has been studying martial arts since 1990, and teaching since 1995.

Sensei Bob Hartley’s Self Defense Rankings:

  • Full Contact Karate – Fifth Degree Black Belt
  • Kickboxing – Fifth Degree Black Belt
  • Hensan Ryu Karate-do – Third Degree Black Belt
  • Tae Kwon Do – Second Degree Black Belt
  • Tang Soo Do – Second Degree Black Belt
  • Aikido – First Degree Black Belt

Rankings range from firstdegree black belt to fifth degree black belt.

Filipino martial arts are currently being added to his curriculum.

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First Class

The first class will be held Saturday, January 12th, from 8:30am-11:00am in the PTA classroom on Dunn Rd. in Belgrade. This two and a half hour class will include a discussion based on awareness of your environment and the force continuum, then move into physical techniques while working with partners and striking pads.

WIIFM (What’s in it for me?)

Students will leave the course with a basic understanding of unarmed self defense, which can be built upon in the future.

Students should dress comfortably, but “gym” clothes are not required. Street clothes will be fine for techniques covered in the classroom.

Any additional questions may be addressed to

Bob at or (207) 426-8567.

Cost of this self defense course will be $60 per person, or $100 per couple. Class size is limited to twelve participants.

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