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Most threatening attacks take place at very close range. Sometimes an attack is so close and so fast that any reference to sight alignment is unnecessary, or in fact, impossible.

For these situations, we teach you to extend your gun in a two handed thumbs forward grip toward the center of mass of the target and fire as soon as your arms extend fully to the firing position.

While point shooting, you are focused on the target rather than the being focused on the sights. You will specifically focus on the precise point you want your bullet to strike the target.

Point-Shooting-Shooter-PTAAt Protection Training Associate’s classes, we discuss Point Shooting and other defensive shooting techniques. Please continue peruse to determine the class that is right for you.

 You can learn more about point shooting by visiting: or read it below.

Point Shooting definition*

Point shooting, also called threat focused shooting, is a method of shooting a firearm that relies on a shooter’s instinctive reactions, kinematics, and the use of biomechanics that can be employed effectively in life-threatening emergencies to quickly engage close targets.

This method of shooting is recognized and supported by the National Rifle Association (NRA) for use in life-threatening situations where the use of sight shooting cannot be employed due to lack of time to use the gun’s sights, low-light conditions, or because of the body’s natural reaction to close quarters threats which prevent meeting the marksmanship requirements of sight shooting.

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 *as defined by Wikipedia.

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