Pistol Shooting

Firearms Training Maine – Join the rest of the crew here at Protection Training Associates and discover how you can be an effective instrument of safety in your community. Pistol shooting at the range!
Firearms Training Maine

Firearms Training Maine

Pistol shooting at the range can be like going to the gym.  You must use repetition as a tool to develop muscle tissue in the same way you will use repetion to build technique and accuracy.

Once at the range you must practice well.  In order to shoot at a high level of competency, one must practice with a high level of attention.  In other words if you practice in a sloppy way, your technique will suffer.  But, when you take the time to deliver yourself into the situation of practice, all of the detail you practice with will remain with you.  Continue to do this high quality practice and you will also achieve speed.

Protection Training Associates delivers a high quality environment that is optimized for learning. Classes are comfortable for the beginner and high impact for the advancing shooter. Please contact us with questions about pistol shooting or sign up today!

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