Mental Awareness

All people spend their time in one of four states of mental awareness, unaware, aware, alert, or the state of alarm. In order to maintain the safety of ourselves and our family, we must remain aware of our environment. You are in the aware condition when you are conscious of your surroundings, are cognizant of those around you, and have mentally identified where potential threats may come from. Living in the aware level allows you to react to a potential alert such as a stranger approaching, or an unidentified noise outside your home. Once you have adjusted your thinking to the alert level, you are able to implement or modify a plan to react to the alarm you have identified. As action is always faster than reaction, you are now able to make the decision if evasion or defensive measures are appropriate, and better able to safeguard your family, your home and your life.

Protect Yourself

Mental Awareness Yields Safety

At Protection Training Associates our concerns and prayers go out to the victim of the Colorado massacre, and wish the families a speedy emotional recovery. Unfortunately, we live in a very unstable world. Our hope is that you can use the four states of mental awareness outlined above to help you in the event of an unforeseen and potentially dangerous situation in your life. Call us at Protection Training to learn more about mental awareness and other aspects of self-protection.

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