Introduction Tactical Shotgun

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$80 If 3 or more participants in your group            

Plus Cost of Ammo

PayPal-and-Credit-Cards Concealed Weapons Training MaineIt is well known that the shotgun is believed by many to be the most intimidating self-defense weapon on earth. There is no need to be apprehensive about using the shotgun as this outstanding entry-level course will leave the participant with a comprehensive understanding of its use as a defensive weapon for home protection.

This course will introduce loading and unloading, firing stance, “The Three Secrets,” target engagement, multiple targets, and more.  The course includes practice with a 20-gauge weapon with a light load so that firing is safe and easy for all participants.  However, bringing a familiar weapon to practice with is encouraged. This class will be approximately 5 hours.

Upon completion, participants will be well prepared to add the shotgun as a home defense tool.

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 If you have a favorite shotgun, bring it! If you would like to discuss the option of trying somehting new, please contact us today!

There’s nothing better than a double whammy! Take a new class and try a new gun!

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