NRA Personal Protection in the Home

NRA Personal Protection in the Home is another crowd pleaser! Again, this qualifies you for your MCHP!

Cost  $120             

$105 if 3 or more participants in your group          

$105 for returning participants            

Plus Cost of Ammo                                                                                                                 

PayPal-and-Credit-Cards Concealed Weapons Training MaineThis is an 8-hour course that teaches techniques to safely and efficiently use a firearm to protect oneself and one’s family while providing information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. The course will discuss ideas on setting up one’s home to be less attractive to intruders and the use of safe rooms for self-defense.  This course should be taken after the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course or if participants have prior shooting experience, and range time will include shooting from behind cover and shooting under time pressure.

Completion of this class meets the requirement for Maine Concealed Handgun Permit, and applications for a Maine CHP will be provided at the completion of the class.

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