Defensive Shooting

Cost $55 DEFENSIVE SHOOTING            

Plus Cost of Ammo

PayPal-and-Credit-Cards Concealed Weapons Training MaineThis defensive shooting course is approximately 4 hours and will review safety procedures, then move to holster, carry, concealment, and defensive shooting skills.  Discussions of weapon selection and knock-down power will be followed by participants sample-firing several types of handguns.

As participants progress in his/her shooting skills, instruction will be directed towards building speed and confidence. This class is designed with 3 hours of range time, and kept very small to give each participant personalized attention and instruction. This meets the requirement for Maine Concealed Carry Permit.

Applications for a Maine Concealed Handgun Permit will be provided at the completion of this class.

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  • Hey Gary,
    I was wondering if the defensive handgun certificate will be enough for the CCP? You mentioned something to Jamie an I about sending us a different certificate with you NRA # on it. We were the two guys shooting in the rain with you a couple of weeks ago.


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