Maine Concealed Handgun Permit

Maine Concealed Handgun Permit

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NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

Defensive Shooting

Introduction to Tactical Shotgun

Tactical Shotgun

Defensive Use of Pepper Spray

Shooting on the Move and Low Light Tactics

Private Instruction

Unarmed Self Defense  |  Mental Preparedness

Maine Concealed Handgun Permit – This is a tool that you can use, when qualified, to protect your family, your home, and your life. The option to hold a concealed weapons permit here in Maine is one of great responsibility but more and more necessary.

Our clients typically start with an NRA BASIC PISTOL course. Almost all clients and students of this training facility will continue taking courses with us citing reasons like:

Greater levels of detail

Practice on the range

Keeping fit

Studying with a friend

Qualifications for a job


*We also do private group lessons that cover concepts like Defensive Pepper Spray at your office and more!!!

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