Maine Concealed Weapons Permit Class

These Firearms Training Gift Cards can be a super gift during the holiday season! Our AWARD WINNING SERVICES continues to save lives here in Maine and beyond. Good luck and thanks for shopping.
You can grab your gift card below!  No need to wait!  This is a great gift for anyone!  Here’s what you do:
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  4. Tell your loved one he/she can use it on our site towards one of our high-end firearms training courses!

Gift Cards

These gift cards are for your loved ones. Now you always know what to get them! Buy a gift card with Protection Training Associates now and give the gift of safety to your loved ones. By gifting a firearms training course, you make an investment in the community at large too!

You should feel great about supporting the rights of all law abiding citizens! You can learn more about the promotion of community safety with our friends at the National Rifle Association. Thanks!