Dry Practice Procedures


Proper dry practice procedures will allow you to safety practice with your weapon when you leave the range. Dry practice is a practice session that does not involve ammunition, as opposed to live fire practice with a loaded weapon and is an effective way to practice skills learned on the range. Your skills with a firearm are maintained and improved through CORRECT DRY PRACTICE, and its importance cannot be overstated.


A dry practice checklist should include:


  • Set a realistic dry practice goal before you starPistol Experts: Repetition
  • Establish the proper mind set for dry practice
  • Establish and maintain control of your dry practice environment
  • Chamber check the weapon to verify it is unloaded. Repeat the chamber check
  • Select an appropriate sized target and place it on a solid surface capable of stopping a bullet if necessary
  • Chamber check the weapon again and then begin dry practice
  • Terminate the session before physical and mental fatigue set in
  • Remove the dry practice target immediately upon finishing
  • Return the weapon to the fighting mode – loaded and placed in its usual location (on your person or a night safe etc)
  • Say aloud, “the weapon is loaded and dry practice is over”

When you attend a class at Protection Training Associates, we teach you how to correctly dry practice so that you take full advantage of the things you learn on the range. We look forward to seeing you!

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