Defensive Shooting Can Save Your Life

Firearms Training Maine – Join the rest of the crew here at Protection Training Associates and discover how you can be an effective instrument of safety in your community. Defensive Shooting can save your life!

Firearms Training Maine

Good defensive shooting skillsets are essential. Join Protection Training Associates today for a class in Defensive Shooting.

Defensive shooting skillsets will greatly increase your knowledge base and migrate your skillset toward that of an advancing shooter.  Handling, concealing, and other techniques covered.

Defensive Shooting

Defensive shooting can be defined as the ability to shoot effectively – with enough accuracy to group your shots closely, but not with perfection in mind.

A good, solid defensive shooter should be able to group shots within a given standard but not take the time to shoot at an olympic or highly athletic level.  The intention of defensive shooting is to know when there is a mortal threat present, identify it, and react accordingly to neutralize it quickly.  The answer is not to take your time, line up the shot, and be shot in the head before you even get started.

When studying defensive shooting at Protection Training Associates, you’ll find great encouragement and support both in the classroom and field.

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