Maine Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Concealed Handgun Permit: Are you looking for yours?

Concealed handgun permits are not for everyone. That’s right, there are criminals everywhere who don’t have the right to own one – but they do and always will.

The handgun permit

Let’s say that you are on your way home from work after a really long day. You’ve always worked hard for a living. You know that in the Northeast it’s all about working hard and playing hard for a lot of us.

Some of us enjoy snowmobiling and others enjoy cross-country skiing. Others enjoy the warmth of a good hard wood fire in the hearth.  But we ALL enjoy the tranquility of our homes as source of repose so we can refuel and get ready for our next day of earning.

Protection of a Lifestyle

Someone wants to take that from you. Even though we all wish for world peace, there is always a waring tribe waiting on the other side of that hill. We can’t see them and we may not know that they are there but they are – and if they aren’t yet, they will be.

This waring tribe is waiting to take the lives, wealth, and other accomplishments gained by the peaceful tribe. This peaceful tribe is unaware of the waring tribe’s readiness to do them harm. This method of pillage for gain is the only way that these barbarians know. Let’s face it. We all make choices. Thus, we have outlined the great dilemma.

Is it your responsiblity to “talk someone down” while he is in your home pointing a gun at you? Maybe he has already grabbed one of your family members as a hostage. Maybe worse.

Our job here at Protection Training Associates is to assist you in your journey to get your conealed handgun permit. If it is your wish to conceal and carry a handgun, then we have just the class for you.

This is the class you’re looking for:

Maine Concealed Handgun Permit Class

Learn more about the NRA here.

Here are a few reasons why it’s a great idea to have your Maine CHP:

  • in the case of a robbery you are protected (sometimes just a little noise goes a long way)
  • keep in a secure location in the home to protect your family & assets
  • do the same for you business
  • security while you make withdrawal from your favorite ATM
  • you got a job in security
  • it’s your right

There are several things to consider as you become a carrying person.  This material and more will be covered in the class.

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